Local Heritage

The Royal Crescent looking magnificent

Pump Room Window Boxes

For decades, Bath’s famous Pump Room has had floral window boxes. Some time ago it was noticed that the stonework around the windows was damaged and that the combination of water and fertiliser from the window boxes was causing the decay. Unfortunately every window in the Pump Room is a different size and new bespoke boxes would cost £3,000. Thanks to sponsorship and a £500 donation from the Bath in Bloom Committee, the go ahead was given to purchase the new boxes.


Tribute to Bath astronomer

Two bronze cast Georgian-style chairs have been installed next to Victoria Bridge at Bath Riverside to commemorate the work of Bath residents William and Caroline Herschel. William was the astronomer credited for the discovery of Uranus in 1781 and Caroline his sister. The chairs are a reference to their habit of sitting outside their house in new King Street studying the skies through home made telescopes.


Restoring historic columns on North Parade Bridge

Four iron lighting columns on North Parade Bridge have been restored through a partnership between Bath and North East Somerset Council, the city’s World Heritage Enhancement Fund, the Bath Preservation Trust and an anonymous donor. Built in 1836, the historic columns are now illuminated for the first time since the 1970’s.

Stothart and Pit Crane

Steam crane restored

The Western Riverside development is built on the old Stothert and Pitt crane makers’ site. This crane is one of the last remaining rail mounted self propelled steam cranes built on this site in 1904. Behind the restoration project is Cllr Bryan Chalker, Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust, The Museum of Bath at Work and Bath and North East Somerset Council.